Mission Statement

The River Sisters Dragon Boat Team is committed to foster strength, wellness, and camaraderie for women who have survived all types of cancer. In addition, we participate in community service and contribute to the well-being and support of those undergoing cancer treatment in the Delaware Valley. Our participation as a survivor team in dragon boat competitions and festivals reinforces our purpose to work together to provide encouragement and hope to others who have experienced the devastating diagnosis of cancer.

Poems and Musings

There is a group of women that cancer had all wrong,
They hang down at the river all smart and proud and strong. 
Each one fought a battle in a difficult situation, 
And each one found The Sisters the perfect rehabilitation. 
They laugh, they talk, they paddle together as a team,
And they really are just as amazing as they seem. 
They are very welcoming to newcomers to the fold, 
Because they understand, each one having a story to be told. 
There is a group of women who stood up to the cancer test,
That now are "river rats" and as team mates are the best!!!!!!

Written by Jerry Milavsky, our "River Sister"

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