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Competing in dragon boat races is one of my passions! I’ve been involved in dragon boating since I joined the Schuylkill Dragons in 2006, which is when I discovered my athletic side. Since then, I’ve competed in races locally, nationally, and internationally as a member of Team USA. I have coached community teams for the Independence Dragon Boat Regatta and worked with new paddlers to develop their paddling skills.

The River Sisters are a great all-women cancer survivors’ crew. Each team member has overcome physical challenges. I admire the team spirit, camaraderie, and overall "can-do" attitude. Collectively, this crew empowers each other as athletes and I love working with everyone on the team!

We practice, we work hard, and our race days are completely exhilarating and fun.


In February 2007, I saw a flyer about the formation of a local cancer survivors dragon boat team while I was sitting in my Oncologist's office.  I went to the orientation meeting and mentioned all of the physical reasons why I won't be able to paddle.  The mentoring team's captain said to me, "Just get in the boat" so I did!  I have been a member of our team since its inception that Spring. 


What an amazing and resilient group of women we are!   I've watched us get stronger as paddlers, individually and as a team, and as cancer survivors through the ups and downs that often means.  We are there for each other in and out of the boat. Always providing an ear to listen and lots of laughter and hugs!  This group cheered me on as I pursued my PhD over 7 years, always asking me, "Aren't you done yet??"  


I am proud and grateful to be a Co-Captain, paddler and drummer.  And It's such fun to now have my grandchildren rooting for our team on festival days!   


I was diagnosed with stage IIIC, HER+ breast cancer in 2007. While attending a support group, I met Jackie Radano, a current member of the River Sisters. I joined in 2009 and have loved this fantastic group of survivors! We laugh together building our strength paddling for competitions, celebrating the strong women we are, while getting together in the off season socially. I am married with 2 beautiful college age daughters. I am a retired school librarian who now owns a small business. I am honored to be the River Sister’s Co-Captain.

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